How to increase performance at work?

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Before we start, I want to propose a little reflection and I would like an honest question, ok?
Do you believe that you do your best at work?
If your answer is yes, great! You can stop here.
If the answer is no, then sit here and we need to talk.
Working is an activity that involves many aspects, from physical to psychological.
We need to understand that it is necessary to satisfactorily perform the proposed tasks in order to carry out a good activity.
Well, in theory, this question may sound simple — or even obvious — but it’s not quite so, in practice.
That’s why I bring some points to help boost your performance at work.
I know that there are scenarios in which the work directly involves the performance of third parties. But, let’s focus on us, okay? Think about what only you can do right now.
First, look around: is your work environment a pleasant place?
I don’t mean people (that’s another matter), but their particular environment.
Is your desk organized? Or do you miss something often?
Is your chair at an ergonomically correct height?
Is the garbage in the right place?
It may seem like an exaggeration on my part, but your particular work environment dictates exactly how your motivation is and influences performance.
If the table is in chaos, you’re sitting so it looks like you’re on the couch at home, and the trash is far away contributing to the table’s clutter, then you’re probably in trouble.
Try to keep your desk organized, with only items you use often. This gives clarity of thought and focus.
Sit up straight and comfortable. You will be less tired and your spine will thank you immensely.
Keep trash close. And don’t forget to collect as soon as it’s full.
In moments outside this environment, do you really relax and let work matters out of your life for a while?
If yes, great!
If not, it is necessary to understand that “switching off” is part of the process of resting the body and mind.
It is very important to have leisure time with us and with people we like, whether it be family or friends.
Going to the movies, chatting, watching a series, reading something other than work, in short… any activity that makes your mind forget about tasks and obligations for a while.
This also includes personal tasks such as taking care of the house, going to the market, taking the dog for a walk, those things. They are necessary and important. And they need to be done with focus and attention.
After a long time doing a task or after a long meeting, do you take a break?
Set a break after a long period of concentration and take a quick walk, get up, stretch, go get a coffee. Take a break.
I particularly use the Pomodoro method, which helps me with this, if you don’t know yet, look it up on the internet, it’s really great! I promise to write a text about it in the future.
Taking advantage of the fact that we are talking about breaks…
Do you have a water bottle handy?
Staying hydrated is another way to take care of your physical and mental health. Our body needs water constantly. And a break to fill your bottle is to combine the useful with the pleasant, isn’t it?
Have a hobby.
Do something you enjoy and allow yourself to disconnect from work and exercise other areas of your brain at the same time.
It can be doing a sport, playing an instrument, learning crafts, etc.
Besides, it puts you in touch with different people, which also helps a lot.
We are social beings, we need connections with people who have the same affinities as us.
To finish…
Get organized!
Being organized means you know what you need to do and when you need to do it. Your deadlines and commitments are clear. Your tasks are set. Time management is the key to success.
Well now it’s up to you!
I guarantee that with these tips, your performance at work will increase a lot and your physical and mental health will improve considerably.
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